Before there was mocap, Disney would often film whole scenes with actors to guide animators while creating long scenes. This fascinating look at Disney's Alice and Wonderland shows off the voice actors themselves, Ed Wynn and Jerry Colonna, at the Mad Hatter's tea party. Even more amazingly, this model footage was later used for the film's audio. Watch the side-by-side video.

From the creator of this video lostvocals4:

Walt Disney often filmed actors as models for his animated features. What's surprising is that the audio from this crude footage for "Alice in Wonderland" is the actual audio used in the film. When Ed Wynn was brought back in to the recording studio to re-do his lines, the reading was not as good as the reference tests, so the test audio was used for the film.

I've synched up the test and the released film with black placed where edits were made.


[Via The World's Best Ever]