Amanda Waller Runs Super Hero High School in the First Look at DC Super Hero Girls

Earlier this year, DC unveiled its new female-focused super hero lineup aimed at getting young girls into the world of DC Comics: DC Super Hero Girls. Now the company has kicked off the initiative with a new animated short—hold the phone. Is that Gorilla Grodd wearing a jacket and bow tie?


DC Super Hero Girls is a whole mess of things as part of a partnership between DC, Warner Bros. Animation, and a whole host of licensees to create toys and merchandise featuring the new redesigns of DC’s cadre of female heroes. There’ll be young reading books, action figures and dolls, even Lego, all with the focus of creating new products that skew towards young, female audiences rather than the typically boy-dominated realm of superheroic merchandise.

All of these designs are pretty goddamn fantastic, except maybe Diana’s Dynasty-era shoulder thing.

But aside from things to sell in the general direction of young girls, the line will have something to watch as well, thanks to Warner Bros.’ involvement: it’s not quite an animated show on the level of a Young Justice or Brave and the Bold, but instead an animated webseries that’ll premiere on DC’s new Super Hero Girls website beginning today. Younger versions of DC’s male heroes will also appear, but the emphasis is all on the girls as they navigate teen life at their new Super Hero High School. You can check out the first episode at the link below, which features Amanda Waller introducing the girls to their new school. And yes, Gorilla Grodd is apparently a teacher at said school, wearing a goddamn bowtie like the classy simian individual he is.


It’s simple, but fun stuff—just what you want for a new entry-point for people to get into DC Comics.

[Via USA Today]


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