We're not so sure how we feel about our favorite new actress, Amanda Seyfried, taking on a sex-tinged supernatural thriller with original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. But if the werewolf Red Riding Hood movie delivers a Gothic twist, we're interested.

At last night's Oscars, Seyfried announced that she would star in Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl With The Red Riding Hood to E! on the red carpet. The director's pick for this role was very pleased to be involved in the film, but tried to keep the details a mystery.


Since E! hasn't posted the video yet here's what we heard during the interview. Seyfriend described this film:

It's amazing. It's gothic. It's dark. It's beautiful. You get to play someone that's unlike you...It's a period piece and it's going to be amazing.


Orphan writer David Johnson penned the script, which people have been calling "elevated genre" material — we're going out out on a limb here and guess that elevated probably means lots of sex. So we've got Seyfried, werewolves, Hardwicke, a writer who knows how to write stunningly disturbing sexual twists, period costumes, a bit of Goth, and one tiny red hood. Yeah, color us interested.

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