Illustration for article titled Amanda Seyfried steals time in Andrew Niccols new Im.mortal film

In the Andrew Niccol's newest future vision, the rich stop aging at age 25, while the poor are forced to face mortality head-on. Amanda Seyfried has been cast as a gorgeous hostage, who's worth her weight in minutes.


TheWrap is reporting that Seyfriend has just been cast in a lead role in Niccol's new film I'm.mortal. She plays the hostage of a young poor boy, who's accused of murdering a wealthy man for his time. "Together, they rage against the system, living minute to minute, and discover that love is more powerful than all the time in the world."

Sounds like the perfect blend of romance cheese, class-war dystopia, and crazy futurism. We're glad to have her back in the genre — Needy is slowly becoming one of our favorite new starlets. Niccol is set to direct his original script. And he's only casting people in their mid-20s, given the movie's eternal-youth concept.


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