A remake of British flick Day of the Triffids promises to restore the monster plant genre to its rightful place after the upset of The Happening. The new Triffids, a 3-hour BBC miniseries, has a few interesting twists on the original book, as well as the early-1980s BBC version of the tale about a meteor shower that blinds nearly everyone in the world. Being blind, of course, leaves everybody vulnerable to large, flesh eating plants. While the 1950s novel hints that the plants may be some kind of Soviet experiment, the subsequent BBC series makes it clear they're GMO plants that produce oil. (The early-60s movie suggests the plants are from spores that originated in space.) The new series, however is about peak oil in the year 2011. This very-near future world gets its oil from the Triffids, and it almost sounds like you'll be rooting for the human-eating plants by the end. After all, they're reacting to years of being enslaved by humans just to get oil. Of course they're going to stick it to the homo sapiens. Triffids Remake [via Survivors blog]