Alternate history maps of the US presidential election

Buzzfeed's Ky Harlin and Jane Kelly have put together a set of maps, based on exit polls, that show how this past presidential election would have played out in the U.S. if our history had gone slightly differently. What if women and blacks had never gotten the vote? Above, you can see how the election would have turned out if only white men could vote, which was the case until 1870.

It's important to remember that this is based on current votes for current parties. There have been many historical shifts in U.S. parties. The South, now a strong red region, would have been very blue in the early twentieth century. So the white men voting Republican today would have voted Democrat historically; and of course some of our more "liberal" presidents like Lincoln were Republicans. And don't even get me started on the Whigs. So these alternate history maps assume that everything has remained the same historically in terms of party shifts. The one thing that's different is who gets to vote.


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And here's what the results would be if only men (of all races) could vote, which was the case until 1920:

But what if blacks had never gotten suffrage, and only white men and women could vote? Here's what you get:


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