Altered Hubble images transform nebulae into bizarre cosmic monsters

When you stare at images of the cosmos, do you ever search for shapes and faces amidst the swirling clouds of dust? Chris Keegan plays with the majestic images captured by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory through the Hubble telescope, digitally manipulating them until they reveal fantastical creatures lurking in the depths of space.

Keegan, who works as an illustrator, uses the pareidolia usually applied to finding bunny rabbits in fluffy clouds to imagine unfathomably immense creatures swimming through the void. When you look at images of the Carina Nebula and the Cone Nebula, it's easy to see how Keegan's mind drifted to monsters, but his digital collages add a delightful note of fantasy.


See the rest of his celestial images at his Flickr account.

Celestial Images [Chris Keegan via Raw File via we-are-star-stuff]

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