Never mind the Asteroids movie... there just may be a movie being worked on that comes from an even less likely toy origin. Are they really making a movie based on Viewmaster?

Brad Caleb Kane, a writer and producer on Fringe, announced the project on Twitter earlier this week:

Almost official — after the alien movie I'll be writing a movie for [Dreamworks] based on a famous toy we all played w/ as kids. Any guesses?


Within an hour, Kane said that someone had guessed correctly, and that the toy was Viewmaster, the "stereoscopic sightseeing" from 1939 that achieved mainstream popularity in the 1960s. He continued,

Writin it for the Kurtzman/Orci boys! It'll be like the old 80's Amblin movies: Goonies, Young Sherlock... In that vein.


On the one hand, we're unconvinced that this isn't a particularly obscure joke based on the success of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, but on the other, they're making a movie out of Asteroids, for fuck's sake; all bets are off as to the visionary powers and/or sanity of movie executives. If it's true, however, we feel as if a new bar has been set for unlikely toy-based movies - and look forward to seeing who can take it further.