We've got a few new monstrous faces and FX creatures for you to consume this holiday weekend. Plus, a first look at the ultra-slick Russian scifi film Target.

The Pack (La Meute)

Way back in 2009, we showed you these freaky stills from the beastly French film The Pack by Franck Richard. Naturally, the no-eyed beasts stuck with us for some time, but we never got the chance to see it on the festival circuit. Fortunately for us, the movie is being released on DVD on July 4. And with that announcement comes a first ever trailer (for us) and a brand new poster by the legendary Graham Humphreys (above). Now behold the new trailer and synopsis for the demented human-flesh-munching-monster movie.


In the middle of a snowy no man's land, Charlotte picks up Max, a hitchhiker; they stop in a truck-stop restaurant, and when Max doesn't come back from the bathroom, Charlotte starts looking for him in vain. She decides to return during the night but gets kidnapped by the bartender, La Spack, who turns out to be Max's mother and needs to feed her kids, 'The pack', a bunch of blood lusting ghouls. Charlotte now faces a terrifying reality: these ghouls are already dead... and hungry. Alone and in the middle of nowhere, she quickly realizes... she's next on the menu!

Priority One

Check out this little secret-ops-of-the-future short Priority One. Sure, it's got some silly clichéd military back-and-forths, but there's some quality FX in here, especially the toothy frog-faced aliens ripe for some green blood throat ripping! It's a good little indie short from Wayside Creations.

"Crashing hostile planet, two mercenaries must escort a scientist to a
military drop point before the time runs out. The future of a war
depends on their success."

And just because I love you guys (and it's a three-day-weekend), here's ANOTHER throat-rip scene from Demons. I challenge you to find a better throat-rip scene (because puzzles are fun). Put your answer in the comments.


Quiet Earth pointed out Edo Tagliavini's freaky flick Bloodline. It's been a long time since we've seen some quality Italian horror, and this trailer has enough blood in it to perk our interest.


Click to view


Searches for eternal youth always end in horror. This latest Russian scifi movie Target follows a group of friends (and their maddening descent into no good) after they all stay over in a futuristic ghost town that allegedly will make your dreams come true. Thanks to Twitch for the information and trailer (click on the box to view the video).

Russia, 2020.
A group of friends set off to the mountains in Asia in search of an abandoned astrophysical secret facility, where space particles were once studied and collected. It is believed that spending some time in its gigantic mirror-aerial could lead to various positive changes in a person, such as the reversal of the aging process, return of youth and all it is associated with - the sharpness of perception, desires and ambitions... The friends find the abandoned site and spend one night inside it. Indeed, on the return to Moscow, they start to feel some changes. They are getting younger, and their dreams start coming true. However, there is a price to pay for this. The protagonists lose control over themselves and their existence, and fast and unexpected changes engulf their lives.



Now, on a much less throat-ripping note, here is Rabbitkadabra about a little girl and a magical rabbit. It's a sweet tale with a lot of great CG work, it's worth a look.

Little Emily wanders into a hidden part of town and stumbles upon a failing magic shop, where she is given a magical mechanical stuffed Rabbit. She brings him to life, expecting a magic show, but gets more than she bargains for....