Almost Every Cylon Mystery — Explained! Also, Secrets Of Transformers' Corvette!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Okay, so maybe yesterday's Battlestar Galactica spoiler from John Hodgman wasn't as major as we'd hoped. But today, Battlestar's leakiest actor, Aaron Douglas, basically explains exactly what the deal was with that mysterious scene at the end of the last episode televised. In detail. Also, toy companies clear up some major Transformers 2 controversies. And we have four scenes from next week's Heroes. Plus, find out who's being de-sleazed in Dragonball. We also have details of the unlikely crossover between Battlestar, Torchwood and Knight Rider. All this, plus spoilers for Lost, Fringe, City Of Ember, Quarantine, Smallville, Eleventh Hour and Stargate Atlantis. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen More toy-show spoilers. That silver Corvette is actually Sideswipe. Also, Ravage is in the movie and has a very "raw beast mode." Woo. And those toys will merge to become a "Supreme-sized figure," along the lines of Devastator. Also, Megatron does indeed have a tank as his alt-mode, and Optimus has a new transformation. [TFW2005] City Of Ember: In one scene, pipeworks laborer Doon Harrow fights a mechanical contraption that his inventor father has built, and it's totally real looking and just as you'd imagine it from the book. [Sci Fi Wire] Dragonball: The character Roshi is much like the manga version — except that he's not a sex pervert, because this is a family film. Also, that set pic we posted a few months ago is an actual volcano, where Goku must rescue one of the seven Dragonballs. [DB The Movie] Quarantine: The lowbrow version of Blindness put out a new TV spot. Seriously, I'm kind of excited to see this 28 Days After Cloverfield mash-up. [Shocktillyoudrop]

Battlestar Galactica: That loose-lipped Aaron Douglas spilled yet more details about the tail end of Battlestar Galactica, on a podcast and in an interview with SFX magazine. He told SFX:

The four that were revealed at the end of season three are what they are, but they're one-offs. They're the original Cylons. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when there were 13 colonies on Kobol, 12 went that way and one went that way to found Earth — or create an Earth — and that colony was actually Cylons. They're individuals, there's no multiple models. The seven that we know are a different kind of Cylon that came much later. They're probably ten, 20 years old, born out of the metal machines that fought back in the Cylon wars of the 12 colonies. So they're essentially like the gods. And we were on the new Earth, and destroyed that and came back to the 12 colonies to rejoin humanity to find the cycle of time. Why do we create a world and destroy ourselves? Why does humanity do that? And why do we as Cylons follow that path to humanity? So we sort of turned off the Cylon part of us and went and joined the humans. They don't know we're Cylons, and we didn't know until we started getting closer to Earth — that's when we started hearing that music at the end of the last season and get woken up to the fact that we are.


My head? Now spinning. Douglas told the podcast that Earth is "the Cylon homeworld." The humans find skeletons and stuff, and they're all Cylon skeletons. Also, when you see the last episode of BSG, you won't ever want to see the show again. Because the ending is that perfect. [Cort And Fatboy and SFX via Battlestar Blog and Aaron Douglas Fans] Knight Rider: Speaking of Battlestar, Billy actor Paul Campbell uttered the only words that might convince you to try Knight Rider: "Torchwood crossover." In the show's Halloween episode, Campbell's character (also named Billy) shows up dressed as Captain Jack Harkness — but nobody in the KITT cave recognizes him. Finally, Billy's love interest Zoe says Billy is dressed as "that gay time traveler," and Billy has to correct her: "No, he's bisexual." And then someone suggests Billy dress up as Billy from Battlestar Galactica. And Billy retorts that he's nothing like that other Billy. [Sci Fi Wire] Meanwhile, here's an interview with the show's producer. It' s hard to imagine that someone has actually put a lot of thought into this show's mythology and the development of artificial intelligence on the show, but apparently they have. [Buddy TV]

Fringe: Sometimes Fringe will be a horror show, sometimes it'll be a cop show, sometimes it'll be like a thriller. [Slashfilm] Lost: The show was filming downtown with "intense traffic control," and both Jack and Kate were involved. Jack's truck was parked on one side of the street, and Kate's Volvo on the other. Looking at this set photo, I'm wondering if that policeman is part of the traffic control, or part of the scene? More pics at links. [Doc Arzt and SpoilersLost]

Meanwhile, sources say the Desmond/Penny episode won't have any flashbacks or -forwards. Desmond and Penny have been on the run for a while, and they're having a baby. They move every few months, and right now they're in a city called Mati. Ben is hot on their trail, and he tortures someone from the Widmore group. Also, there are a handful of Dharma stations all over the world, not just on the island. [SpoilersLost] In the first episode, we'll either learn that the island moved forward in time, backward in time, or to another location on the planet. Or we'll learn that it didn't move, but Dharma tech is keeping it hidden. One of those four. (I think it's almost definitely backward in time.) [EW] Also, the crew was filming two different other outdoor shots, one at a large brick building and one at the Marina Motel. Here are some pics. [Ryan's Flickr via SpoilersLost]


Heroes: Here are four scenes from next week's episode of Heroes, "One Of Us, One Of Them." [Heroes News And Spoilers]

Smallville: Brainiac is back. In the November sweeps two-parter (episodes 10 and 11) Brainiac starts taking over Chloe's body on the heels of her marriage to Jimmy. By episode 11, he's totally in charge of her. And then things get freaky. Or brainy, I guess. [EW] Eleventh Hour: There's no guarantee that the zany scientist and his hard-boiled agent partner will get together, or even have any sexual tension. But Marley Shelton says her character's sexuality will be explored, and it may be "aggressive." (Translation: Please watch our show.) [Sci Fi Wire] Stargate Atlantis: Here's the synopsis for SGA episode 5x11, "The Lost Tribe":

Rodney and Daniel activate an Ancient weapon before determining its threat to active stargates; Todd's group continues to hold the Daedalus crew captive.


Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Terminator TV show is looking for actors to play a paraplegic college student, who's handsome and smart, and they want an actor who's really paraplegic. This is for episode 12. [SpoilerTV] Additional reporting by Lauren Davis.

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