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All's Fair at the Fair (1938)

In this 1938 short animation by the Fleischer Brothers, the world of the future is imagined as a wondrous place filled with automated cityscapes and robotic barbers.

The 1938/39 New York World's Fair captured the imagination of an era. A great deal has been written about "The World of Tomorrow" and its cultural impact, ending off the Great Depression on a high note of optimism only to be transmuted through the crucible of World War II into the Atomic Age. A perfect example of this Art Deco Utopianism can be found in the 1938 cartoon short All's Fair at the Fair by the Fleischer Brothers.


A little bit of fun is poked at these technological promissory notes, but the overall tone is approving and optimistic. As a pair of slack-jawed yokels from the country, arriving to the big city in their horse-drawn wagon, peruse the exhibits, they too receive the rewards of the coming age. As evidenced by their later Superman series, the Fleischers were adept at capturing the wonder of the Streamline Age.

This post originally appeared on Voyages Extraordinaire.

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