Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Today's spoilers include Chris Pine's Star Trek sex forecast, and official confirmation of a naughty Transformers rumor. Lost's producers explain everything. Plus dirt on Watchmen, Star Wars, Fringe, Heroes, Supernatural and Sarah Connor.

Star Trek:

So just how much of a crazy space orgy will this movie be? Journalists asked star Chris Pine, in the wake of his statements about this being a "sexed-up" version, and he said:

It is a different Star Trek, but there's no crazy sex scene. There may be some bare midriffs, but you know it's been a long time since the bikini was invented, so I don't think we're going to ruffle any feathers.

You can stop camping out in line now. [E! Online]


A behind-the-scenes look includes a few interviews, and maybe a tiny amount of new footage. [Reelz]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Screenwriter Roberto Orci confirmed that Ravage is in the film, and that there's a "Pretender," a Transformer in human guise, in the film. That seems to line up with all the speculation that Alice, the character played by Isabel Lucas, is really a robot in disguise. (With the giant tongue, and the hypodermic tail, etc.) Also, Orci says the movie is more extreme in both its serious stakes and its crazy comedy. Crazay! [IGN]


A couple of new TV spots show more of this upcoming movie's crazy telekinetic fighting and mind-warping:



The show began with a plane crash on an island in the South Pacific, and it'll end with an epic conclusion on a global scale, says Matthew Fox. And all six seasons, together, will give you an amazing character arc. His character will wind up finding redemption. [Style]

An upcoming TV Guide cover story includes major spoilers. Like, when Kate finally reunites with Sawyer, they're on a patio and she acts like she's seeing a ghost. Kate really thought Sawyer was dead. Also, Yunjin Kim hints that not all of the Oceanic Six succeed in getting back to the island. Locke is only in half of the dozen new episodes that have been shot so far, but he's had great material to work with. And we see Locke's death midway through the season.


The show's time travel won't ever be as goofy as it is on Heroes, but some characters do succeed in changing something major in the past, which is a huge turning point in the storyline. We discover more of the history of the island's earlier inhabitants, and Juliet comes across ruins from an ancient civilization. Plus, we meet more Dharma Initiative people, one of whom may be Sawyer's new love interest. And we'll see more of the consequences of attempting to approach the Island from the wrong compass bearing, as the O6 try to return.

We also discover there are people "whom Ben fears, and to whom he must answer," says actor Michael Emerson. We'll learn why the Swan Station exists, and gain a better understanding of the monster — including the fact that the monster was able to "pull memories from a character's life." The four-toed statue reappears, but four-toed answers will have to wait until season six. And we'll discover the characters have no control over their ultimate fates, only the choices they make on the way there. [TV Guide via Doc Arzt]

In the season's first couple hours, Hurley asks the questions the audience would like to ask, and explains to the audience what's going on in a clear, funny way. We won't see all of the bad stuff that resulted from the Oceanic Six leaving the island in season five — some of that will be in season six. Also, Ben may be able to return to the island, but not allowed to. And we may get to see what happens to him if he tries to. And Daniel Dae Kim is still a "series regular," but doesn't appear on the season five poster — make of that what you will. [Chicago Tribune]



Fox President Kevin Reilly told the press corps that the remaining episodes of season one will deepen the mythology and mystery for people who've been paying attention, but every single episode will be a standalone adventure that resets at the end. [LA Times]

Here are six pics from episode 12, "No Brainer," plus one more pic from episode 11, "Bound. (The outdoor running pic.) [SpoilerTV and Fringe Spoilers]




Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Lucasfilm sent us this awesome clip from Friday's new episode, featuring Aayla Secura. She looks awesome — although I admit that's not the voice I had in my head for her. [Lucasfilm]



When Sylar meets his real dad (John Glover), they're outside, in a tarpaulin shack, in the pouring rain and crazy mud, says Zachary Quinto. [EW]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Still more reports that a "major character" will die soon. I wish it was Riley, but it'll probably be Derek instead. (Does Riley even count as "major"?) [EW]


Eleventh Hour:

In episode 12, "Eternal," a millionaire dies and an autopsy reveals two fully developed hearts in his chest. (Dude! The long-awaited Doctor Who crossover!) [SpoilerTV]


The episode that introduces the third Winchester brother will be called "Jump The Shark." And we may already have mentioned that Dean's hookup Anna will be back, "presumably to hit that again." [EW]


Kyle XY:

Here are five sneak peeks from next week's episode. OMG, Josh and Andy really did do it!!