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Somewhere between the Eagle from Space: 1999 and the Resurrection Ship from Battlestar Galactica lies Oliver Scholl's conceptual design for a space carrier, from for the movie Moon 44. While it seems to be an unwritten rule that designers need to stick sharp spires on one end of a ship, and massive engines on the other which don't really matter outside of gravity, the piece fills the gap between usefulness and artistry. Click through for more info.


This was the first film Scholl had ever worked on, and he found himself hooked. He just finished production design for Jumper, and has worked on everything from Batman Forever to The Time Machine.

Moon 44, Roland Emmerich's first science fiction film, involved robot miners being hijacked for their precious mineral cargo. In an act of desperation, the mining corporation sends a band of hardened criminals to defend them, and of course things don't go that well. Let's see: robots, expensive minerals, and criminals. Sure sounds like a recipe for success.

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