All The Ways Vancouver Is Like A Weirdly Familiar Character Actor

Rejoice! Tony Zhou has released his latest installment of Every Frame A Painting: this time, the focus is on how Vancouver always used as a setting for cities around the world, but never itself. It’s like a weirdly familiar character actor that you see everywhere.


Over the course of this video, Zhou covers a lot of ground and answers a lot of questions: why is Vancouver used so frequently (hint, it’s not just Canadian tax credits), just how you take a city and turn it into a new location, and why it’s a bit of a shame that Vancouver almost never gets to play itself.


I’m a huge fan of this series: Zhou does an outstanding job at picking out a component of cinema and examining it. The entire series is well worth checking out.

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Mortal Dictata

They should change their city motto.

“Vancouver: The Reason People Think America Looks Nice”