"All The President's Vampires" novel Blood Oath getting a big-screen adaptation

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Christopher Farnsworth's vampire thriller Blood Oath is getting made into a film. But before you throw your hands up and exclaim, "Not another vampire movie," this one is at least promising bloody West Wing espionage, and that's something, right?


Heatvision, is reporting that Blood Oath the vampire novel about a "blood oath" which one vampire makes, to serve the President of the United States as a super secret service agent, has already landed a movie deal. According to THR the book is:

A mix of political techno thrills and supernatural action, "Oath" centers on a vampire captured by the U.S. Army just after the Civil War who is forced to swear an oath to President Andrew Johnson and has protected the presidency in the Secret Service for nearly 150 years.

In "Oath," the vampire, named Nathaniel Cade, is paired with a new human handler and finds himself embroiled in a plot involving a monstrous new form of biological weapon with a connection to the White House.


The novel isn't out yet — it hits stores May 18th — so we're not entirely sure what to think of this other than, sure, why, not? Until then, here's the book trailer to mull over.

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