All the planets discovered by Kepler to date

On Monday, NASA's Kepler mission added 833 worlds to its growing list of candidate planets, bringing the total tally to 3,538. Now, two recently released visualizations depict every. Single. One of them.

The first, featured up top, is the most recent installment in Kepler scientist Daniel Fabrycky's Kepler Orrery videos. Fabrycky writes:

This [video] shows the relative sizes of the orbits and planets in the multi-transiting planetary systems discovered by Kepler up to Nov. 2013. The colors simply go by order from the star (the most colorful is the 7-planet system KOI-351). The terrestrial planets of the Solar System are shown in gray.


The second, an artist's concept featured below, comes by way of SETI, and depicts Kepler's planet candidates in transit with their parent stars in order of size from top left to bottom right.

Of course, the biggest news from Kepler this week is the revelation that one in five Sun-size stars harbors potentially habitable Earth-size worlds.


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