All the Other Movie News and Footage From Last Night's DC Special

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While treating us to the first footage from the Wonder Woman movie and that outstanding Suicide Squad trailer, last night’s DC special was basically an infomercial for the upcoming movies. Here’s everything else important they showed—including concept art for The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman films.

First up is Aquaman, which features a small smattering of movie concept art along with a great deal of comic art. (Protip: The blond one is comic Aquaman.) There’s a neat shot of Momoa’s Aquaman in Atlantis, standing before a large sculpture of Ocean Master, his brother and rumored villain of the first movie.


Also, it’s kind of weird that Momoa talks about Aquaman being a half god, when Atlanteans are absolutely not gods—but he could be talking about superhero “gods” in that mythic sense that DC likes to use.

Here’s Cyborg. Honestly, it’s tougher to tell what’s regular comic art and what’s movie concept art, because they all look so similar; however, there’s a shot of what appears to be Cyborg’s armor expanding?—Exploding? Basically freaking out?—that I believe is new. At any rate, I imagine his armor in the movie will be quite adaptable and modular.

And the Flash! The really wacky thing about The Flash movie is that apparently the hero has ditched the iconic lightning bolt-in-a-circle logo on his costume for a simple lightning bolt... except that the movie logo still uses the circle.


I feel like the movie people wanted to visually differentiate Ezra Miller’s movie Flash for the TV version, hence this very superficial change. But maybe they forgot to notify the PR/graphic design department, which is of course going to use the logo the character has sported for over half a century.

Last and probably least: it’s a look at Batman v Superman, which includes the only the tiniest smidgen of new footage—and only tiny bits and pieces at that. Also, it almost entirely consists of Batman and Superman being angry at things—but hey, it’s here if you want to check it out.

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I feel bad for Gustin Grant, he should be the Flash in the JL movie. I know they’re going with another actor and even why its being done, but this kid has really brought the character to life. The show would not work without him.