Pitch Black, starring Vin Diesel, is a slow boil that gets awesome at the end. For the first hour and a half, our heroes are trapped on a mysterious planet that has like 5,000 suns, and then all the suns are eclipsed and it's permanent night. It takes a while to get to scenes like this one, where the foppish antique dealer ignites his own booze breath and discovers he's surrounded by spiky bat creatures. Then we watch the creatures dismember him and fight over his corpse, thanks to Diesel's altered night vision. Two more bizarre Pitch clips, after the jump.

The other two insane moments in Pitch: Vin Diesel's drug-addicted parole officer gets impaled and then decapitated by one of the monsters. And then Diesel gets so pissed off he wrestles one of the monsters. He's so angry, his head gets weirdly distorted and elongated. You can see his fury through the monster's weird ghost vision. He punches the monster so hard its organs come flying out. Go Vin. Why is he not the most famous action movie star in America?