The first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer appeared today, and it's chock full of dramatic moments, with every mutant ever and a perilous journey back through time. We pored over dozens of screencaps to bring you every great moment, and all of the hints, in this epic trailer. Here's our complete rundown.

This is more or less the same trailer we saw at Comic-Con. We divided the whole thing into a bunch of handy sections and tried to make the pieces fit. Spoilers ahead!

Brand New Mutants

First, let's run down all the new mutants we're meeting this time around, thanks to a handy slideshow in the trailer. There's...

Bishop (Omar Sy). Note the trademark "M" over one eye which signifies the future of persecuted mutants.

Sunspot (Adam Canto)

Warpath (Booboo Stewart)

Blink (Fan Bingbing)

An Ancient Temple

A lot of the "future" sequences in the trailer take place in an ancient temple, where I'm guessing the time-travel doohicky is located. And it looks like this is the site of not just a lot of angst, but a huge battle — possibly it's attacked by Sentinels? It sure looks as though Professor X is shielding his face from some kind of searchlight in one shot. Check out our best shots of this temple:

...until finally the whole place starts coming down around everyone's ears.

Magneto's Tunnel Escape

Looks as though Magneto escapes through some storm tunnels (which don't look the same as this temple) along with Iceman and Rogue. (Update: Several people below have speculated this is an escape from a futuristic prison, where they've rescued an injured Rogue.)

Future X-Men in Distress

We see glimpses of the X-Men from the original trilogy looking sad and upset, as well as what might be flashbacks of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Young Mutants. Old Professor X uses Cerebro at one point, and doesn't look too happy about what he finds...

Iceman says something sad... Kitty Pryde.

Rogue also looks sad. Things are really messed up in the future, probably because Mutants are being wiped out. But also maybe a general dystopian nastiness? If we're following the comics, it's not a happy time.

A Cerebro-eye view of the School for Gifted Mutants (maybe a flashback to an earlier film?)

Professor X does not seem happy with what he sees in Cerebro.

Storm's Desperate Battle

Looks like Storm gets into a battle, perhaps to buy everyone else more time inside the fancy temple. She looks pretty freaked out.

Young Xavier

So the big crux of the trailer, of course, is that Wolverine is being sent back in time to inhabit his own younger body. (More on that in a bit.) And that means we're back in the 1970s, where we meet James McAvoy's bearded version of Professor X.

Young Xavier enters the Cerebro chamber, flanked by Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and Wolverine, although you can't see their faces.

Young Xavier freaks out about something, perhaps to underscore Professor X's point that when he was a young man, he was very different, and that he needs a lot of patience from Wolverine. This appears to be in the X-mansion.

Here's more of the sequence where Professor X goes to use Cerebro...

...and I'm guessing either he hasn't used it in a long time, or he's been snorting cocaine off it. One or the other.

Maybe because of Xavier's troubled young mind, this doesn't turn out well. Cerebro basically explodes, sending pieces flying everywhere.

Wolverine Vs. Some 1970s Thugs

There's a sequence where some 1970s goons try to fill Wolverine full of lead, and he guts them like fish instead. Maybe enjoying being in his younger body, with the adamantium claws instead of the bone claws he wound up with at the end of his last movie.

The Nixon Administration

There appears to be some hanky-panky with Richard Nixon. Maybe Nixon will remember to keep some jammie dodgers and a fez on hand this time.

Cops open up a secret hatch in the Oval Office...

...and hustle Nixon inside a Presidential vault under the White House.

Bad timing, since there appears to be a state visit by the North Vietnamese happening right about then. Tail end of the Vietnam War? Arguing over size of conference table sort of thing? (Update: This is probably set in Paris, where the Vietnam talks were held, as various people have pointed out below. Thanks, everyone!)

Here's a good look at Nixon sitting in a Presidential meeting...

...with Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), inventor of the Sentinels.

Magneto Makes a Splash

Meanwhile, if Young Professor X is a troubled recluse, hanging out in his mansion and neglecting his duties, then Magneto is out in public, being a much bigger nightmare. There's a scene where Magneto terrorizes a crowd, in what appears to be a fancy building. Maybe a museum? There's definitely fancy art behind him somewhere. A lot of the Young Magneto sequences seem to take place in this vicinity.


Update: A lot of people seem to believe this is Paris, although they shot in Montreal.

Magneto seems to have mastered that trick of floating in mid air...

...but the crowd doesn't seem too impressed.

And Magneto still needs to use a gun. Also note he's not wearing his protective helmet, because he has nothing to fear from Xavier.

Magneto vs. Mystique

A big part of how we know that Young Magneto is a jerk is that he terrorizes poor Mystique. Around the same time as the above public display, Magneto also drags Mystique along the ground using his powers of magnetism.

Note the uniforms at left, and the awning. Could this be a fancy hotel?

Magneto looks sad at having to terrorize his associate. Update: People are speculating that she's wearing handcuffs and he's rescuing her, although she doesn't look grateful for the assist.

Mystique cries

We also see a couple of shots of Mystique crying and looking upset in the trailer, apparently due to Magneto's antics:

Magneto Vs. Beast

Beast tries to drown Magneto in what looks like a fountain, probably also during the "Magneto's public rampage" sequence:

Mystery Glass Explosion

What do you think is going on in the picture below? Who is that figure cowering under broken glass? And what room are they in? (Update: Speculation has it this might be that same futuristic prison again. Note what seems to be gray prison uniform.)

Mystique's Mission

Mystique goes on a mission (probably for Magneto) that involves disguising herself as a random dude, and also doing some pretty acrobatic martial arts at one point. (Does she also disguise herself as Nixon? We can only hope.)

The crowd is running in a panic, maybe from Magneto's onslaught...

...and Mystique turns herself into a random stripey-suit guy.

And takes out a guard in a fancy stateroom.

And finally... time travel!

So how does Wolverine go back in time? We know that Professor X tries it out, and it doesn't work well enough for him, so he has Logan do it instead. Maybe because Logan hasn't changed that much since the 1970s.

The close-up of Professor X's eye at the start of the trailer shows the after-effects of mental time travel, I guess.

And here's how the time travel actually happens. A pair of glowing blue hands (belonging to Kitty Pryde?) touch the sides of Wolverine's head, causing him a lot of pain as he's temporally dislocated.

Back in the past, in the Cerebro chamber, Young Professor X touches Logan's head, using his psychic powers to verify that he's really from the future and stuff.

...and this final shot of the two Professor X's somehow meeting (in Logan's) mind, is spine-tingling. Old Professor X tells his younger self that he needs him to have hope again. Wow.