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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Check out a fascinating rundown of Fringe's final standalone episode. A Lost alum is returning to Storybrooke, under a new name. Michonne actress Danai Gurira previews the rest of The Walking Dead's third season. Tom Hiddleston praises director Alan Taylor's approach to Thor: The Dark World. Plus brand new TV spots for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Monsters University!


Nothing but spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Thor: The Dark World

Loki actor Tom Hiddleston discusses his experience filming his next appearance in the Marvel cinematic universe:

"It's fantastic, truly. We are making an amazing film, and we're having a wonderful time. It's so exciting to have established characters and an established setting in the world, and we are working so hard to cook up something new. That is what is exciting me — taking what we know, taking what we love and deepening it and giving it an extra dimension. I think director Alan Taylor is really shaping up the world of Asgard and the world of these characters."



Illustration for article titled All the Latest Spoilers for emFringe/em, emOnce Upon a Time/em, and emThe Walking Dead/em!

And here's a photo of an extra — possibly now a former extra — in full Asgardian gear for the sequel. [Comic Book Movie]

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Here are the first two TV spots for the long-delayed fantasy action movie starring The Avengers's Jeremy Renner and Quantum of Solace's Gemma Arteron, in which they play badass, witch-hunting grown-up versions of the titular fairy tale characters. [Bloody Disgusting]

Monsters University

Here's the first TV spot for Pixar's Monsters, Inc. prequel, featuring return appearances from John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and Steve Buscemi as college-age versions of Sully, Mike, and Randall, respectively. [Big Screen Animation]


Zap2It has an awesome preview for the next episode, "The Boy Must Live", which airs January 11 and is the final episode before the two-part finale that airs January 18. They reveal that the episode features tons of revelations about the recently returned September and the Observers in general, including a glimpse of 2609 as Captain Windmark travels there to find some crucial information — at which point he admits he is obsessed with removing Walter, Peter, and Olivia from the timeline completely. The episode also features a classic Walter moment as he complains about the tightness of his swimming trunks as he clambers into a sensory deprivation tank to retrieve subconscious memories of September, as well as key emotional moment between Walter and Peter that could be a tearjerker for longtime fans. Indeed, the whole episode is meant to be a big nostalgic gift for the hardcore fans, readdressing some key themes and concepts that stretch right back to the first season. Here are a couple more absolutely crucial spoilers, as reported by Zap2It:

A tiny spark of hope As revealed in the above trailer for the episode, September and Walter's plan involves resetting time — which gives Olivia hope that she and Peter may see Etta again. But we've seen in the past that wishful thinking can be a dangerous thing, and Peter is hesitant to be even cautiously optimistic.

One last sacrifice. This season, Etta and Nina both sacrificed their own lives for the greater good, making conscious decisions to die so that Walter, Peter, and Olivia could go on to save the world. In "The Boy Must Live," we learn that one more character we've grown to love will have to sacrifice his or her life in order to complete the plan.


Check out the link for even more, including another look at the trailer for the episode. [Zap2It]

The Walking Dead

Costar Danai Gurira discusses what to expect from her character Michonne in the second half of season three, which kicks off on February 10:

She's kind of going through a becoming. In the first half of the season, she's very powerful but she has people problems. She has trouble relating to them. [By the finale] you start to see that she knows she needs Rick and his group. She knows she needs community, and that sort of propels her into the second half of the season, which is probably closer to what people know from the comic books. She starts to try to take a different track, in terms of investing not only in herself and her own survival but in other people's, too.

If she's becoming more of a people person, does that mean we might actually see her crack a smile?
What are you talking about? She smiled in episode five! [laughs] She smiled in another episode, too, but it was cut out. These things I can't control. But I know she did it! You'll probably see more smiling going forward, but not a ton. A zombie apocalypse isn't the most jovial situation.


She also offers some insight into her take on Michonne when discussing the character's decision to kill the Governor's daughter Penny, who had been turned into a zombie:

Initially, she thinks Penny's alive, and she's actually very gentle with her. But then she finds Penny's a zombie and to Michonne, zombies are dead. She believes it's a very undignified way to function, so killing the little-girl zombie is actually a merciful act. [It's like] put her in a grave and put a cross on it and mourn her properly. But it's also oh, wow, this is what he loves. He took what I loved away [Andrea] and tried to kill me, so this is my perfect act of vengeance.


Finally, she explains what influences her approach to the role:

I watched the first season when I was auditioning, and I definitely looked at how she was depicted in the graphic novels. Just looking at her image, her facial expressions, fed me. I felt like she had a war vet's type of PTSD [in the show], so I used PTSD materials and books. One of my plays [Eclipsed] is about women and war in Liberia, and they weren't soft, gentle or easy to read. They became warriors, so that definitely influenced Michonne as well.


There's still more at the link. [E! Online]

And here's a fairly low-quality promo for the February 10 midseason premiere, "The Suicide King."

Sonequa Martin-Green, who was introduced at the end of the first half of the third season as Tyreese's sister Sasha, might be on her way out of the show in the relatively near future, as she has reportedly been cast in a potential long-term role on another genre series. That said, The Walking Dead finished filming in November, so this might be a rumor more for the start of the fourth season than this season's eight remaining episodes. Anyway, to find out just which genre series, just keep on reading. But yeah, might not be a good idea to get too attached to Sasha. Actually, I guess that's good advice for everyone on this show. [Hypable]


Once Upon a Time

So then, Sonequa Martin-Green, who you might have heard somewhere plays Sasha on The Walking Dead, has reportedly been cast as Tamara. The character will appear in multiple episodes this season, and it's being reported her character could spill over into season three as well. There are no further details on just who Tamara is, but it has been reported that the producers were initially looking to cast an actress with a British accent, and I suppose it's possible that's how Martin-Green will end up playing the role. [TV Line]


[gallery 5972373] Here are some set photos from the recent filming, which according to the accompanying set reports involved Prince Charming, Snow White, Ruby, Granny, and the dwarfs rescuing someone named Anton from a hole, who was ultimately revealed to be Jorge Garcia. The Lost alum previously appeared as the Giant of "Jack & the Beanstalk" fame earlier in the season, and Anton is presumably his real-world equivalent. Check out the link for more photos from filming. [Van City Filming]

The London Theatrical Agency has tweeted that their client Lesley Nicol, best known for her recurring role as Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey, will guest star in the fifteenth episode in an unspecified role. [SpoilerTV]


Lost Girl

Here's a promo for the upcoming third season of the Canadian fantasy series, which begins January 6 in Canada on Showcase and January 14 in the United States on Syfy.

Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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