Take a peek inside McG's Terminator factory with a round up of set reports from T4, including out how JC's pretty face is scratched up, and who's getting naked.

News is pouring in from numerous outlets all about the behind the scenes set visit at McG's Terminator: Salvation. We scoured the web and pulled in all the best details like this gorgeous look at the Terminator making factory from LA Times It is gorgeous in a dirty, hopeless nightmare-inducing way. But now onto the details.


First and foremostm MovieWeb points out, in an interview with the director McG that when we meet John Connor, he's still climbing the ladder towards his eventual revolution. Right now he's still taking orders and getting coffee:

You realize he's not the one calling the shots. He came out of the hole three years after the radiation cleared with some other survivors only to hear, 'I've got twenty years in the Marines. Get the fuck in line. I'm not going to hear about your mystic Cleo bullshit. We're at war!' You realize that Connor has to struggle. Through the body of the story, we will see how his fate is achieved.

This is kind of an amazing idea, because I love it when people boss around Christian Bale and then he swoops in and sets them straight. But more than watching him develop into a full fledged savior, I want to see the hell that he lives in, and oh what a hell it is. Collider was particularly impressed with each painstaking detail applied across each set, even in Connor's underground world.

This wasn’t some green screen production. They had tons and tons of practical sets and each one felt lived in and real. One of the highlights was walking around John Connor’s bunker. I examined the books on the bookcase and the batteries carefully arranged. After all, this was the future, and supplies like batteries need to be taken care of.


Now top all that John Connor action, set detail and robot madness with a grown-up, possibly R-rated, movie. There's no dry humping here Terminator Salvation gets down and dirty. This will not be a sissy movie it's got it all from steamy sex scenes to bad boy fights according to Slashfilm:

People haven’t seen anything yet. And for those who believe this film will definitely be PG-13, think again. We saw a piece of footage that showed Moon Bloodgood topless in the rain, which certainly gave me the impression that the rating has yet to be decided.

But what about the leaked ending? Is it changed? CHUD, one of the first sites to report this the deeply controversial ending was scanning each story board and though the final moments of the film wasn't revealed (obviously, somethings need to be kept safe) they detected a hint of the unknown, which is wonderful in these overly spoiled days.


There were some things being hidden from us... or maybe there were some things that were still in flux. It was no secret that Jonathan Nolan was rewriting the script for McG, and some elements - like the highly controversial ending - seemed up in the air.


But probably the most exciting thing I've read thus far is how John Connor got that infamous scar across his face that we all saw in Terminator 2. UGO's got the goods:

And in the middle of everything, there’s Christian Bale, dirtied, decked out in his ragtag soldier-of-the-future garb. Right now he’s on the floor. Pinned down. A puppeteer hovers above him, just out of camera range, working a Stan Winston Terminator arm. The metal fingers claw for Bale’s face, tear down his cheek, giving John Connor that infamous scar. Bale screams. Way method.

I'm now more excited than ever, click on each site to read more details about the different visits and start getting ready for the T4 revolution.