Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video finally premiered tonight. And there are so many pop culture references, you’ll wonder if you actually saw them all.

Up at top is Taylor Swift’s entrance into her own video, in a move she learned from Black Widow, obviously.

Here’s the video, via Variety:

First off, are our ears deceiving us, or did they give the chorus of this song the Game of Thrones treatment at the beginning?


And the credits seem very Sin City-esque, while the slow-motion glass and fall (and the fight before it) feel like The Matrix:

Before that, they fight the Crazy 88s from Kill Bill:

Either that, or Joseph Kahn and Tarantino are watching all the same films.

Swift heals from her injuries in the white outfit under a medical scanner. This is the first — but not the last — time we get a Fifth Element feel:

There, Catastrophe (can we make “What’s your ‘Bad Blood’ name” a thing? Mine’s “Nightmare.”) is tended to by the Sirens from Tron: Legacy:

Then we enter a training room straight out of The Hunger Games:

Where every martial arts movie in history appears to be going on:

(We hope the dog is the same one from Pacific Rim)

Also, Hayley Williams is just Leeloo from Fifth Element now:

There, in this women of death training camp, Catastrophe has her Lady Snowblood moment:


The required “walking away from explosions” scene:

It could just be that Mad Max: Fury Road just came out, but we are getting a strong Mad Max vibe from these ladies:

And then, Rocky III style freeze frame ending?

There is a lot going on, and we definitely missed some stuff. Let us know in the comments what references you caught.

Additional reporting by: Lauren Davis

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