All The Best Times The 6th Street Bridge Has Been Used In Film

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This week, the 6th Street Bridge in LA is being torn down. The iconic structure has been used in numerous films over the years, and Vashi Nedomansky wanted to commemorate its use as a set location throughout cinematic history.


You’ve seen this bridge before, even if you didn’t know its name: films like Terminator 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Drive, Grease, In Time and television shows such as LOST, Fear the Walking Dead and others have used it as a location.


The concrete bridge is being torn down starting next week, due to structural issues, and will be replaced by 2019.

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The entirety of the LA river is really interesting, and used in a good deal of film (those mentioned, and others). The bridge is definitely in the movies, but it’s the concrete channeled LA river that’s so unusual looking. The Sepulveda basin, the wash, the Figueroa bridge... there are some really, really spectacularly weird and cool parts.

I highly recommend the Wiki article:…

for some great views of one of the more strange urban features of LA, and of the country. If you live nearby, take a minute to pause next time you’re near the narrows headed to the mall.