All The Best Shows That Were Cancelled Despite Being Awesome

It's the very last episode of the io9 show, We Come from the Future. Yep, we got cancelled. So we're celebrating by setting off our biggest explosion yet — and talking about all the best shows that got cancelled despite being awesome. Well, I still think it's debatable whether Dollhouse was awesome. But anyway.


You can watch all our back episodes on YouTube. But it won't matter now because we are already cancelled! Done! Finished! Gone! A dead parrot!

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John Hazard

Esther: "How can you go with anything else?"

Annalee: "I think it would be a crime to mention anything else first."



It's the first and forever quintessential cancelled too soon, fan driven revival franchise. And sorry Brown Coats and baby geeks with short memories, it's legacy is much bigger than FF, and will last much longer than that (or it's hideous current incarnation, Abrams Trek).

As for the other "great" cancelled shows...

Sarah Connor- YES.

Futurama- YES. And it was indeed tragically cancelled.

Dollhouse was not a great show. In any way.

It was amazing Angel lasted as long as it did, and it had a good run.

Now, to punish you for not starting with or even ACKNOWLEDGING Star Trek, I'm going to tell you why your show was cancelled. Because you should have stayed away from Mythbusters territory (explosions) and Bill Nye (science experiments). You just can't beat those guys at those things.

You should have stuck to your strength, which is this site! Just report on the best of the articles of the week, once a week. Then every day do a mini show of the morning spoilers, plus the features you had on the show, and maybe some viewer feedback, Charlie Jane doing movie reviews, etc. Because sometimes I wish I could just listen to this site while I'm drawing my webcomic, instead of reading it and NOT drawing my webcomic.

We all love the site, it should have made a great show. And who couldn't love two geek girls with glasses?

Remember the show The Anti Gravity Room? I miss that. We could use an Entertainment Tonight for geek stuff (that doesn't have Attack of the Show stink on it).

The io9 Show could have been that. Maybe it will be again someday.

I'm sure you'll thank me.