San Diego Comic-Con isn’t just about the panels. There are also tons of cool pop-ups, special events, and fun prizes for the con’s hundreds of thousands of attendees. Every year, advertisers spend millions of dollars to get fans excited about their films, shows, or other cool stuff. When it’s done right, it can be a funny, cheeky, or even introspective experience. Though sometimes, it kind of sucks.

We’ve already highlighted some of the coolest things we found at San Diego Comic-Con, like the Demolition Man Taco Bell restaurant, “Purge City,” or Syfy’s Human Claw Machine. But as is our tradition, we’ve compiled more of the best advertising we saw at San Diego Comic-Con, along with some of the worst. As Thanos said, all things must live in balance—with Radvertising, comes Badvertising. Enjoy.


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