We got a brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer out of nowhere this morning. Shock of shocks, it’s actually made up almost entirely new footage! It’s got Batman throwing down! Superman in the tub! Wonder Woman finally speaking a line! But there’s much, much more—so we’ve examined every single shot to see what it can tell us about BvS.

We begin with a sizable Batwing/Batman warehouse fight sequence, which seems designed solely to show us how this Batman works (answer: brutally and efficiently) and then so that he can talk about being old with Alfred. This is very, very likely to be early in the film.

Apparently, the Batwing is also Alfred’s (Jeremy Irons) favorite remote-controlled toy, since he takes control of it from Bruce thanks to some handy joysticks back in the Batcave. Remember, the Batcave is not located at Wayne Manor in this film, but a modern lakeside home.

“Master Wayne, thermal imaging is showing two dozen hostiles on the third floor. Why don’t I drop you off on the second?” asks Alfred from what looks like the sweetest flight simulator set-up ever.

Honestly, this whole fight sequence serves no real purpose other than to show off Affleck’s Batman.

Not that this use of a grappling gun isn’t cool.

It’s cool, it just seems unconnected to the Superman part of Batman v Superman. Batman may be burnt out or close to retirement—like every rumor suggests—but he seems in top form here.

“I’m getting slow in my old age, Alfred,” says Bruce. Which makes me wonder if something goes wrong in that warehouse fight that they haven’t shown us.

“Even you got too old to die young. Not for lack of trying,” says Alfred to an unamused Bruce.

Familiar shots of the falling Superman and Bruce with a child in his arms play as Bruce says (as we’ve also seen before) “He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. If we believe there is even a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to to take it as the absolute certainty.”


And then he continues: “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Superman doesn’t know what he’s doing. Superman knows exactly what he’s doing.” Okay, not really, but man Bruce is obviously not someone who gives people with any sort of power the benefit of the doubt.

The character in this trailer that gets nothing new is Lex, whose “greatest gladiator match in the world” bit is recycled here. Now, either Batman and Superman fight twice in this movie, or Batman puts on his armor during this battle, because we have two distinct suits in these fights. Well, this first one is more of a confrontation, as Superman simply tells Batman that he’s done with him and flies off.

The burning “Gotham City Gas” tanks tell us we’re in Batman’s home turf for this car accident. Enjoy the heroics of Superman taking the doors off the Batmobile so Batman can get out of it.

This is clearly a different location from the previous scene, even if the use of fire tries to imply it’s the same. Superman has the upper hand at this point.

Here’s (presumably) Bruce unveiling an expensive car. Because he has money. Shocker!

But Clark has Lois.

And Lois has Superman. Batman is so alone, do you get it? He’s bitter and cynical and rich and Superman is wholesome and optimistic and a farm boy.

Batman throws a batarang in what is almost certainly from the warehouse fight from the beginning of the trailer. Nice to know some things never really change.

Armored Batman fires something at Superman. But did Batman secretly plan for Supes to catch the projectile?

Here’s Diana Prince at what looks like the same fundraiser from the other trailers (you know, the one where creepy Lex goes up to Bruce and Clark).

Despite Superman’s powers, Batman is clearly still a force to be reckoned with. I still think the trailer contains footage from two battles: one where Superman rips the doors of the Batmobile, shows his superiority and flies off, and one later where Batman shows up in armor crafted to make it a fairer fight.

Here, I think we might actually be looking at the gun that killed the Waynes. We do know that this film is showing us that particular trauma again, and it fits with the theme.

Even armored Batman has some trouble has trouble with the Man of Steel.

This is cut as if the Batman and Superman confrontation causes this explosion, but it’s the same explosion we saw in the other trailers. There it was implied that Doomsday caused the mushroom cloud. It can’t be both, so I’m betting on Doomsday.

“I’ve known a few women like you,” Bruce says to Diana, who is wearing a beaded gown here and not the red one from before. How many events are in this movie?

“I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me,” she answers, truthfully. The shield shot is the same as before, but the leaping is new and we don’t see Batman or Superman anywhere near her. She gives out a mighty yell, too.

There’s some kind of red light above/below (the angle’s weird), so it could be she’s trying to escape the Doomsday blast by jumping in the water or swimming up from something going on below. My real question is if this is in any way related to the body a boy finds undersea in another trailer.

More footage we’ve seen before—the Batwing, Superman immune to bullets—but now with a new shot of Martha Kent dropping a coffee pot. Did something happen to Clark?

We get it. Clark and Superman have a rich, full life with girlfriends and mothers while Bruce and Batman have darkness and no parents.

Lex says, “Do you know the oldest lie in America? That power can be innocent” as more previously used footage runs by. But we do get a good look at the Omega symbol for Darkseid in the field, an image we’ve seen briefly before. It’s also lumped in with that footage of Superman and the wasp-like Parademons from the comics, and Batman’s sporting his trenchcoat-over-the-batsuit look here. We all suspected it already, but this has been confirmed as a dream sequence from Bruce’s paranoid imagination.

The trailer ends making sure we know the upcoming fight is more equal than we think, with Superman easily shoving Batman across an alley...

...but Batman’s new armor also allows him to stop Superman’s punch! Focusing this final trailer on the making the Batman vs Superman fight a battle of equals is probably a good call.


We also know that Luthor and Doomsday have bad things to get up to in Batman v Superman, and we’ve seen very little of their actual schemes. Plus, there’s (hopefully) a lot more Wonder Woman in the film than what we’ve seen so far, while we’ve never even seen a glimpse of Aquaman, whose appearance has been confirmed. With those things and all of the Batman and Superman fights and Bruce’s whole backstory being retold yet again, just how packed is this film?

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