All Six Seasons of The Walking Dead's Zombie Antics Will Get Recapped in a New Special

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“Bad things happened, also zombies.” There we go, I just recapped in about five seconds what AMC will do for two whole hours on October 16, with a new retrospective looking back at all six seasons of The Walking Dead ahead of the show’s seventh season premiere the week after.


To be fair, The Walking Dead: Journey So Far will be a bit more than a glib recap of all the depressing things that have happened since Rick Grimes woke up from his coma all the way back in 2010. There’ll be new interviews from the cast and crew discussing the most pivotal moments of the series, from its opening moments to season six’s highly controversial cliffhanger ending, catching views up to speed so they can hop on the week after. Here’s the press release provided to Entertainment Weekly by AMC describing the special:

Season by season, from the moment Rick wakes up in the hospital (as told by Andrew Lincoln), all the way to the excruciating first swing of Negan’s bat (told by Jeffery Dean Morgan and others in the lineup), the story of “The Walking Dead” will be told by those who have lived it. “The Walking Dead: Journey So Far” gives viewers who have never seen an episode of “The Walking Dead” a chance to get all caught up on the plot, characters, locations, and unique terminology of the series as well as providing fans who‘ve never missed a moment with fresh interviews with the series’ producers and their favorite actors as part of an exciting refresher course that will further whet their appetite for the new season.

If you do, however, want to clue in a non-TWD fan about what the show is in a lot less than two hours of TV, I still think “Bad things happened, also Zombies” is a pretty good option. The Walking Dead: Journey So Far airs October 16 on AMC.

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“Bad things happened, also zombies, and people constantly made the dumbest decisions possible.”