All Orphan Black Episodes Available For Free, So Binge-Watch Away

Illustration for article titled All iOrphan Black/i Episodes Available For Free, So Binge-Watch Away

This Sunday marks the return of the clone gang, and if you're still not caught up on the masterpiece that is Orphan Black, you're officially out of excuses — it's all available, right now, FOR FREE.


IFC will air the first two seasons back-to-back beginning on Friday, April 17th. But if your DVR is full up on old Parks and Rec episodes you've been meaning to get to, then there's always online streaming. Amazon will be offering up the first season for 24 hours, for free, this Friday starting at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Watch it. You won't regret it.

Update: It's also all free on Amazon Prime, which isn't free but.... yeah.

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Just FYI Meredith, but both seasons have been available for free on Amazon Prime Instant Video for a while now, too. Which I guess isn't free free, but it is if you're already paying for Prime.