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Despite the show dying an unnaturally early death (helped along by the WGA strike), we here at io9 still have a deep and abiding love for NBC's Journeyman. Was it the San Francisco setting that made us love it so? Star Kevin McKidd's mixture of dreamy eyes and jaw that could kill a man? The time-travel mechanics that updated Quantum Leap's mission for a morally-conflicted 21st century? We may never know. But, thanks to an interview with show creator Kevin Falls, we do now know what would have happened had the show continued.Aint It Cool interviewed Falls last December about the direction the show was going to take, post-WGA strike, but didn't publish the piece for fear of spoiling any potential return for the series. Now that we all know that there isn't going to be any more Journeyman in our future, they felt free to run the interview and reveal who was behind everything, and how Heroes ruined everything. Here're some of the best bits: Falls on who was behind Dan's time traveling:

Let's just say it was too specific and grand to be science or government... We would have led you to the water's edge and let you figure it out.


On whether Dan's time travels were for the greater good:

I think the end game was for the good. We wanted to explore some darker themes early on, but our ratings dictated otherwise. I wanted Dan to have to shepherd a hit man through his life to kill someone. It would really fuck Dan up, but there'd be a bigger reason for it. Sort of like life (not the TV show) we would have done it [late in the first season].


On Why Livia Faked Her Own Death:

We kept going 'round and 'round about that. We felt that Livia was keeping some secret from Dan that was huge and tragic.

On what was originally going to end the first season:

Well, it was going to be a plague, but then "Heroes" did that. When we were told "Heroes" was doing it, they suggested we change ours. No way we were going to win that one. We would have come up with something, but remember, I could read the tea leaves in mid-October. I decided then, let's think in terms of 13 [episodes]... [In the never-shot final nine episodes of the season,] Katie and Dan were going to split up for a while. [Dan's brother] Jack and Dan were going to live together and then Dan and Katie would get back together. Livia was going to die in episode 20. Dan was going to save her in 21. And in 22, Dan would come back to his house in the present like he did in the pilot and someone else would be living there. Katie and Zack would be gone and this time Dan would have no idea how to get his family back.


Aint It Cool also includes a brand new interview with Falls at the end of the story, talking about his upcoming projects. What Was Hurling Dan Vasser Through Time?? Series Creator Kevin Falls Reveals The Secrets Of JOURNEYMAN!! [Aint It Cool]

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