Good news! You can now use your e-reader tech to read about William Shatner's Tek — that fictional cyber-drug that people will kill for in the Tek War series. The final four Tek War books, co-written with Ron Goulart, are coming out from Open Road Media, making the series complete.

For those of you who missed it, this series was Shatner's main stab at non-Star Trek-related authorship, and it also spawned a TV series. (The fact that "Tek" looks a lot like "Trek" was purely coincidental.) The series follows Jake Cardigan, who's a tough cop despite being named after a fluffy sweater, as he tries to track down the truth about Tek, an addictive substance that comes with a chip in your head.


Here are the Amazon pages for Tek Power, Tek Money, Tek Kill and Tek Net, the final books in the series.