Have you ever seen something that you didn't realize you desperately craved until you saw it? That's my gut reaction to this incredible Doctor Who TARDIS/video game console that Simon Jansen in New Zealand put together. I wanted to jump on a plane to Christchurch and steal it, as soon as I saw our former colleague Kevin posting about it. Click through for a couple more pics. Jansen first built an amazingly spot-on recreation of the old-school Police Box shell that hides the Doctor's space/time machine, the TARDIS, out of MDF boards. His pics of the construction of the Police box are pretty inspiring - the lamp housing on top looks perfect, the slanty roof is exactly right, and the corner posts are great. The "Police Box" sign lights up. And then he got the inside of the Police Box signed by former star Sylvester McCoy, who was visiting New Zealand in a play.


Then he created a MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) console, which plays old video games, and customized it to look sort of like the TARDIS console from the late 1980s. (Admittedly, this part of the reconstruction takes a lot more liberties with the TARDIS than the Police Box part.) Check it out - there's a track ball as well as joysticks. And it's so shiny!

[TARDIS MAME Console via Joystiq]

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