One of the things I love/hate about Under the Dome is that I get the feeling it's one of those shows where my favorite characters โ€” the geeky guy, the gothy girl, the snarky engineer and snippy journalist โ€” are all doomed. Maybe they won't die, but this show has me on the edge of my seat, wondering.

Spoilers ahead!

Last night's episode, like last week's, was excellent. We're starting to see a scary new power structure consolidating in the town (with Big Jim at its head), while at the same time life goes on (the teenagers are doing skate jumps off the dome). I have to admit that I get bored every time Big Jim talks to the pastor about their evil drug schemes that somehow have to do with the propane. Really? All they are doing is selling drugs? That's so ordinary compared to Junior's brand of evil.


Speaking of Junior, I'm actually staring to wonder if there is something to his jibber jabber about how the dome is crazy-making for some people. Junior keeps telling his captive ex-girlfriend Angie that the dome has driven her crazy โ€” which, maybe the dome actually drove him crazy? It sounds like he was always kind of a drip, but was he a psycho kidnapper? Maybe his turn for the violent could be explained by the same phenomenon that drove Officer Crazypants to shoot his fellow officer last week? And maybe it's the same thing that's making Joe and Norrie have seizures while chanting "the stars are falling in lines"?

I'm really hoping that Julia's sudden interest in Junior is going to lead to her finding Angie. I'm worried about the whole "where is she going to the bathroom while chained to a bed" question. Also, why didn't she kick Junior in the face and grab his keys while she had the chance? C'mon Angie, use those scissors wisely. Go for the EYES.


After Julia rescued Junior from the town's underground tunnels, I have new respect for our investigative journalist. First of all, she admitted she'd been a bad reporter and that's why she got stuck in this town after her amazing gig writing for The Verge or Huffington Post or whatever. And she knows the "getting out of underground tunnels with matches" trick. Plus, I like that she's basically commandeered the radio station for broadcasting the news, and is actively investigating everything (including the maps in Barbie's bag, which I'm guessing will lead her eventually to the truth about her husband).

Also, have you considered that Junior might be right about Barbie? Even though he has a sensitive dusting of beard, he might be a psycho.


So anyway, now that I like Julia, I'm pretty sure she's toast. Also, Joe and Norrie are probably toast too. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. I love that Joe is a complete geek and is using physics to study the dome. Plus, bonus Star Wars reference! And Norrie says she likes geeks, right before she totally busts that jock bastard's balls for barging into Joe's house and trying to sell time on his generator to all the mobile-starved masses.

Other people whom I love who are toast? Linda the amazingly brave cop who tells Big Jim that he doesn't control her, takes down the bad guy in one shot, and pulls rank on everybody when she has to. It's great that Big Jim is sucking up to her at the end, and that she's completely fucking suspicious about that. Though to be fair, we have seen that Big Jim does care about the town (getting that bulldozer to put out the fire was smart, and not entirely selfish).


There was a whole "I've been to war" vs. "I was a quarterback" dick-measuring thing going on between Barbie and Big Jim. What does it all mean? I'm pretty sure war is manlier than football, so I don't know why Big Jim was all up in Barbie's face.

Now let's recap what we know about the dome itself so far. It appears that the military have been ordered to ignore everybody inside the dome (why?). We learn that the dome is semi-permeable โ€” water can get through, and probably atmosphere as well. Some radio signals are penetrating, thanks to Dodee AKA "I have a masters degree in electrical engineering." It appears to be a sphere, not a dome, given that it goes so deep underground. And it's beaming weird shit into people's heads. Anything I'm forgetting here?


I'm excited to see more, and get to know these characters โ€” especially because they are probably doomed!