All-Knowing Ninjas Bring Back The Killer Tomatoes

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It's the remake that the world has been waiting for, by a creative team that the Internet already adores: Attack of The Killer Tomatoes is heading back to theaters, courtesy of the people who bring you Ask A Ninja, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine.


The original 1978 movie spawned a franchise of sequels (culminating in Killer Tomatoes Eat France!, which may just be the greatest movie title ever), video games and Saturday morning cartoons. With Nichols' tongue firmly in cheek as he calls the original "the masterwork of a generation," the Hollywood Reporter story on the subject takes the news as seriously as it deserves:

No changes to the original plot have been revealed, but it still is expected to revolve around killer tomatoes.


Image by Ramatol. [Hollywood Reporter]

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How about a Killer Tomatoes/Cloverfield crossover?