All Is Most Definitely Not Calm in the Surprising Horror Short Midnight Clear

Image: Beck Media and Marketing
Image: Beck Media and Marketing

It’s Christmas Eve and the house is perfectly decorated for the holidays, but Dad’s acting very strange, and Mom is clearly freaked out. You may think you know where Midnight Clear, directed by Joe Russo (the horror guy, not the Captain America guy), is heading—but I guarantee you will not guess the twist.


Once you see how it ends, however, it all makes horrific sense. Happy (?) holidays!


I’m not saying it was predictable, but you were wrong, Cheryl. The look on her face in the very first frame all but screams “The missiles are on their way, aren’t they?” The bit with the gun safe just cements it into certainty. If anything, that she telegraphs it so well with merely a look is a testament to both the acting and cinematography. I thought the hubby did a good job portraying manic obsessive response to trauma, as well.