All Hail This Majestically Satanic Holiday Display

Our pals in the Satanic Temple are at it again. You'll recall the group's legal battle for equal representation among the holiday displays at Florida's state capitol; this week, it'll be unveiling the below display (the bow is a nice touch) at the Michigan state capitol.

The Temple's reasoning is, unsurprisingly, similiar to its Sunshine State campaign, though it ran up against less resistance in Michigan, according to NPR:

The Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple had sought to put up its exhibit as a message about religious freedom and inclusiveness, as a counterweight to the Christian Nativity. The Satanic Temple received official approval for its holiday display after the Capitol staff consulted the state attorney general's office.

"It's a First Amendment right," says Capitol Facility Director Dan Brocklehurst.

The report also notes that Brocklehurst is "very committed" to his Christian faith, but will be "visiting the state Capitol to review the Satanic Temple display — before continuing on to attend worship services at his church."


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