All Hail This Brilliant Animatronic Hypnotoad

Remember that live-action Futurama fan film someone was making? In addition to binging Bender, Fry, Leela, Zoidberg, and the professor into our world, the Fan-o-rama filmmakers are working on realizing other characters too, including the all-knowing, benevolent, hypnotoad—ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD (replica).

The folks at Tested got a demo of the creepy Hypnotoad prop made by Frank Ippolito, who you might remember was also responsible for that unsettling real-life Lego Minifig cosplay.


The Hypnotoad puppet was made using tried-and-true special effects prop techniques, but its hypnotic eyes were brought to life using a pair of tiny OLED displays. Like with the real Hypnotoad, it’s impossible to look away once you make eye contact with this puppet. And we’re somehow now even more excited to see how Fan-o-rama turns out.


[YouTube via Nerd Approved]

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