"All Hail the King" clip proves that The Mandarin needs his own show

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Trevor Slattery (played by Ben Kinsgley) is still one of the best creations from the Marvel movies. And the latest new clip from this upcoming Mandarin short film makes our heart yearn for more Trevor! He's just so good.


The new short "All Hail The King" shows what life is like behind bars for The Mandarin. It's just so delightful to have this character back (really in any form) and we beg Marvel please, please, please consider giving this character a revival in Phase 3 or something. Just don't lock this gem away forever. Ultron Vs. Trevor!


"All Hail the King" is the next Marvel one-shot, included on the DVD/Blu-ray release of Thor: The Dark World.

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Are you kidding? They took Iron Man's greatest foe and neutered him. The whole alien, ten rings thing, subtley referenced in the first movie was ignored. This is akin to turning the joker into a drunken stoner. Whats worse they took a great actor and what could have been a refreshing take on an outdated villain and wasted both opportunities. Secret tertorist manipulating world events to further his own ends? Epic. Drug addict actor working for a butthurt nerd? Not so much.