All Hail Daenerys Styleborn of the House of Gucci, Mother of Fashion

All Images: AP Photo / Antonio Calanni

Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, DRAGON. Gucci brought the Mother of Dragons to the runway at this year’s Fall/Winter Show during Milan Fashion Week. Because... fashion.

One of the models strutted the catwalk in a getup that felt like Cersei Lannister circa season seven mixed with some Henry VII arm bags, all while carrying a sleeping baby dragon. Why? Because... fashion!

Pictured: Fashion

Baby Drogon wasn’t the only Game of Thrones cameo to make an appearance at this Gucci show. There were also a bunch of hipster-y Ned Starks, walking around carrying their own severed heads through an operating room. Same question (Why?). Same answer. (Because...)


[via Mashable]


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