All-Female Horror Anthology XX Looks Scary in All the Best Ways

Illustration for article titled All-Female Horror Anthology iXX/i Looks Scary in All the Best Ways

Next month, the new horror anthology XX will bundle four short horror films from female directors. The first look at the quartet of scary stories looks absolutely terrifying.


XX hits theaters and video-on-demand platforms on February 17, bringing the following shorts to audiences for the first time:

  • Birthday Party by Annie Clark (also known as musician St. Vincent) will likely have at least one murder and a dead-eyed panda costume.
  • Don’t Fall by Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound) appears to be a good ol’-fashioned “nightmarish thing in the woods” tale.
  • Her Only Living Son by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) seems to be about the gross fetish of one teenage boy.
  • The Box by Jovanka Vuckovic (The Captured Bird) looks like a story about a chance encounter that seemingly saps a boy will to live.

So far, the kid from The Box and the were-woman in Don’t Fall are winning the “creep Evan the hell out” contest.

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Loquacious of Borg

I love horror anthologies, can’t wait to check this one out!