All Cheerleaders Die looks like an undead sexploitation classic

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Check out the first trailer for All Cheerleaders Die, in which T&A meet teenage revenge fantasies. In a nutshell, four "mean girl" cheerleaders are killed — but the school goth girl brings them back to life, except now they're super-powered and bent on revenge. Looks like stupid good fun.

Variety reviewed All Cheerleaders Die at Toronto Film Festival, and said:

Mashing together elements redolent of "The Craft," "Species," "Pet Sematary" and anything featuring toned young bods jiggling booty and tossing hair in slo-mo, "All Cheerleaders Die" has fun with its umpteen cliches. Still, the satirical edge is underplayed enough to make some viewers wonder whether the film is faux-stupid or the real thing.


SciFi Now was a bit more positive:

It's also refreshing to see a revenge fantasy film as bizarre as this, for the most part unburdened by the usual moral quandaries that label implies. This being a high-school film, sex plays a big part in the story, but it's treated with the same irreverent sense of humour as the other events in the film. There is violence and threat, but the women are just as dangerous as the men, if not more so. All Cheerleaders Die is not without moments of dark intensity and danger, but once the second act begins, it's a fantastically fun, gruesome and bizarre ride... All Cheerleaders Die is a hugely entertaining piece of horror escapism.

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