All about Sense8, a show from the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski

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Some details about Andy and Lana Wachowski's super secretive new Netflix series Sense8 have finally surfaced. And this new series, created in collaboration with Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski, sounds kind of incredible.

TV Line is reporting that Sense8 will focus on eight characters from across the globe, all connected by a very violent vision.

Each episode — shot in the UK, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Berlin, Mexico City, San Francisco and Chicago — will follow the characters' separate stories, even as one entity tries to bring the octet together and another tries to kill them.


The eight dreamers include "a closeted Mexican telenovela hunk, an Icelandic party girl, a German safe-cracker, a Korean businesswoman, an African bus driver and a transgender American blogger."

So a vision or dream will likely connect these characters, who have all been cast — including two interesting roles titled the "visionaries." The two sound like the yin and yang to this "vision." One character is named Jonas, an African-American character who is allegedly the good guy. And his evil counterpart is named "Mr. Whispers." One of them wants to unite the eight dreamers, the other wants to destroy them. Excellent. Can't wait to see what these two directors will do with the freedom provided to them by working Netflix.

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Say what you will about their work (which I tend to love, moreso when it gets bashed). The Wachowskis are awesome people.

Extra kudos to Lana for making the courageous, seamless, nonchalant transition from male to female. I personally don't know of any mainstream transsexual directors other than her, which makes her transition even more brazen. And her brother, who didn't blink twice. Much respect.