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All aboard the ludicrous train fight scene in the first Wolverine clip

I'm not convinced that The Wolverine is going to be terrible, but boy, have all the shots of that fight scene on-top of the Japanese bullet train looked goofy in the previews. Well, as the first official The Wolverine clip has revealed, this fight scene doesn't just look goofy, it is goofy. Immensely.


Look, I know it's kind of absurd to watch a movie about an immortal mutant with steel bones and claws that shoot out of his hands and start bitching about the verisimilitude of anything, let alone a fight scene, but... still. Oh well. As long this thing doesn't end with an amnesia bullet, it'll still be better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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My question would are fighting on the top of a train. You've got a knife and are completely by yourself. The guy 200 feet ahead of you is Wolverine. Do you slowly inch your way up to fight him, or just hang out until the next stop?