While Cyberdyne plans to outfit our military personnel in exosuits straight out of Iron Man, Activelink draws its exosuit inspiration from Aliens, creating an actual Power Loader that's nearly ready for Ripley.


Activelink, a subsidiary of Panasonic, working on a wearable robotic device — aptly termed the Power Loader — to aid in the heavy lifting associated with tasks like construction and rescue relief. Though considerably bulkier than Cyberdyne's HAL-5 suits, the Power Loader helps the wearer lift heavy objects (currently about 220 pounds) with ease. By placing their arms inside the robotic arms, the wearer will receive force feedback from the Power Loader, allowing them to more successfully manipulate objects in the Loader's grasp. Activelink plans to make the Power Loader commercially available by 2015.

You can see the Power Loader in action above, although Activelink fails to show off its Alien-fighting prowess.

[Activelink via Pink Tentacle]

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