Aliens sink more than boats in Super Bowl Battleship trailer

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The Super Bowl trailer for the boardgame-inspired Battleship film is filled with city-busting disaster porn. Watch the spiked alien spheres take out roadways and buildings, before trapping Hawaii under an impenetrable dome — and then turning their attention on the eponymous ships.


Thanks to Movie Trailer Updates for pointing us to the YouTube link.

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At some point, after all these silly (whether enjoyable or not) Transformers, Skyline, Battle: LA, and Battleship movies, I hope something that is even slightly more realistic or believable gets made as a movie (along the lines of Niven/Pournelle's Footfall, maybe).

I mean - in all the movies I mentioned (and many others), we have an alien civilization that manages to get here, across light-years of space, and who then drop down to the surface to engage us in a battle of kinetic-energy weapons (bullets) and assorted other chemical explosive weapons (bombs). That would be like the U.S. discovering a "lost island" populated with people who had medieval tech - swords, maybe long-bows, and at best a catapult - and deciding to "invade" them by landing a bunch of bayonet-wielding infantry. And not using the USAF, or cruise missiles, or anything else.

Because let's face it - any group of aliens that get to Earth orbit have the "high ground". They could sit in orbit about 400 miles up, using lasers to destroy what few attempts we might make to launch missiles at them, and rain down a bunch of small iron asteroids that they picked up on the way in to destroy every major surface ship in all the navies of advanced countries, and obliterate our shipyards while they're at it. A decent laser could also destroy any aircraft that had the balls to take off. One our air and sea forces were decimated, they could negotiate our surrender, if that's what they wanted.

Of course, all that's just if they want us alive for some reason. If they just want our planet, a few dozen semi-aimed 500 meter asteroids could probably wipe out most of humanity, with some genetically-enhanced viruses to take care of stragglers. Or if they're patient (and why not, it would have taken centuries, at least, to get here), one really big "dino killer" asteroid, and then wait a few decades for the dust to settle. Voila, virgin planet!

That last one would make a great movie, but something where they're not coming down to try to "fight us on our terms, on our turf", would be nice.