Here is a perfect example of a leftist dystopia: A map showing the future United States divided up among alien nations dispatched by a liberal world government. Belgium occupies the U.S. midwest and Russia occupies the south. You can see the terrifying results of letting those liberal United Nations types run everything. Yes, this map is a sublime example of world-building and paranoid futurism. According to Strange Maps:

This secret map here, stencilled for added clandestinity, shows . . . national armies policing places far away from home. Only in North America are the ‘peacekeeping' armies clearly labeled: * Canada would be policed by Mongolian, German and Russian troops. * The Irish army would be stationed in the Pacific states of the US. * The Midwest would be patrolled by the Belgian army. * The Russians would police the South of the US * Colombian and Venezuelan troops would patrol the Northeast of the US. * Mongolian troops would be stationed in Mexico. In turn, US troops would be stationed in Regions 12 (Australia), 32 (Uruguay, Argentina), 55 (Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Roumania (sic) and Bulgaria), 58 (Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia), 75 (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)), and 85 (the Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbegh, Tadzhik and Kirghiz Soviet Republics).


I'm puzzled by so many things here. Why would Colombian troops come up to Seattle, instead of occupying San Diego? And wouldn't the Russians be more comfortable in the chilly, flat midwest? And obviously the Belgians would have to occupy California. It just makes good sense. I also like the mysterious references to the Pugwash Movement and enforced disarmament. World Government Plan: Aliens to Police USA [via Strange Maps]