Aliens' Original SFX Artists Helped Sideshow Create the Most Accurate Alien Queen Collectible Ever

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The exposed skeletons and incredible detail helped make H. R. Giger’s design for the creatures in Alien unforgettably terrifying. James Cameron took things to the next level when he introduced the giant xenomorph queen in his 1986 sequel, Aliens, which is being flawlessly recreated as a new collectible maquette from Sideshow, thanks in part to the film’s original special effects wizards.


Shane Mahan and John Rosengrant worked for Stan Winston Studio in the mid-’80s, and one of the many memorable film creatures they helped bring to life was the Alien Queen that James Cameron created for his science fiction sequel. When Stan Winston passed back in 2008, Mahan and Rosengrant, along with a few others, left the studio to form Legacy Effects. Sideshow worked closely with Legacy Effects to help ensure its new Alien Queen statue was the most accurate ever created, as detailed in this video—which includes a special look behind-the-scenes of Aliens at the making of the original Queen, too:

Unfortunately, given movie monsters are often made with materials like foam latex that don’t stand the test of time, very little of the original Alien Queen puppet used in Aliens remains today. However, still mostly intact is a quarter-scale maquette, used for finalizing the creature’s design, which Legacy Effects scanned and digitized to help create the final model for Sideshow. The miniature’s legs and tail were missing, but Mahan and Rosengrant were able to help Sideshow’s artists recreate those parts from memory, and by studying stills from the movie.

So how can you get one? Sideshow hasn’t revealed when you’ll be able to pre-order the Alien Queen, or how many limbs you’ll have to surrender in the process. You can RSVP on the company’s website for more details once they’re available, but given that the company’s Alien King maquette, which Legacy Effects also helped create, came with a $1,000 price tag, you can safely assume the Queen will be similarly priced.



Another utterly gorgeous Sideshow collectible that is far the fuck out of my price range. ::sigh::