Aliens on Ice = H.R. Giger + The Ice Capades

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You may remember Austin's Old Murder House Theater troupe from their gleefully no-budget live production of Robocop. Last weekend, the group staged a 90-minute, fast-forwarded recreation of James Cameron's space marine classic Aliens at a local hockey rink. The best part of the show? Only the xenomorphs really knew how to skate, whereas the space marines lurched for their lives. Witness the unparalleled chaos that was Aliens on Ice.

For the show, the Old Murder House Theater gang — whose cast was seemingly predominated by fellows in wigs —rented out Austin's Chaparral Ice rink and recruited real skaters to play the roles of the aliens. Barring the occasional burst into song, this ferociously DIY production followed Cameron's film to the hilt. For example, Bishop explodes into a geyser of milk, the power loader makes its debut (on ice), and the dropship ignites into a fireball. I really like how the grey ice rink lends itself to the ashen look of LV-246.


It doesn't look like the troupe has any plans to take the show on the road, but you can click on through the gallery for some of the show's wackier scenes. via MeFi. Top photo:

A two-minute synopsis of the entire show.

The marines touch down on LV-426.

The xenomorphs serenade the space marines with "Be Our Guest."

The final battle with the Alien Queen.

Another video compilation, which shows off just how many indoor pyrotechnics the troupe used. And hey, the theme song to Rad!

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Cat VonAwesome

This has taken two things that I normally do not like (icecapades and musicals) and made them the most awesome things to exist. How do we get this project some cash and a tour bus?