A Space: 1999-ish shuttle lands on an under-construction moonbase, where scientists have just found a secret hatch containing... something alien, in this trailer from Moon, a new game coming soon for the Nintendo DS from Renegade Kid, the developer that created Dementium. Exploring the long-buried alien lunar stronghold could be fun, if the rest of the game's graphics hold up to this preview. Click through for a trailer for another forthcoming game release, Lost Planet: Colonies.

Lost Planet: Colonies is a "Platinum Hits" rehash of the original humans-versus-alien-bugs game, but at a discount price of $29.95, it might be a good jumping-on point if you haven't tried the game yet. Plus, it includes tons of extra features. There's a multiplayer online mode, where one player gets to be one of the big bug enemies, and everyone else is a human trying to take you down. There are also four new player characters, including a robot and two women.