Aliens Keep Fighting Predators And More In Comics

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Anyone craving some Aliens or Predator action where they're not squaring off against each other (or even where they are) should head to their local comic stores this summer, as a full-scale revival is coming.

Dark Horse Comics, which has been publishing various Aliens and Predator comics since the 1980s - and which created the Aliens Versus Predator franchise - is relaunching each franchise this year with new series, all written by Hellboy-spinoff BPRD writer John Arcudi.

Series editor Chris Warner talked to about what to expect:

I don't want to get too much into the stories, since we're throwing in some new angles to the mythos that we hope will be surprising and fun. John Arcudi will be writing all three series, which will give them a nice sense of cohesion, and he's a terrific writer. The art that's coming in from Zach Howard on Aliens and Javier Saltares on Predator is kicking major ass, so I'm confident the fans are going to dig it. As a huge fan myself, to whom these books have played a large part in my career, it's important to me that we do this stuff right.


One thing that you can expect is a return to the classic takes on the series; the Aliens series - launching in May - is advertised as following a group of prospectors who discover something dangerous lurking within archaeological ruins...

Aliens launches in May, with Predator launching in June, and Aliens Vs. Predator due towards the end of the year.

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Sweeeet. The 80's Aliens and Predator comics are so fun to read. Anticipation for some new art and some new stories is very high.