Alien Vs. Flying Worm Baby Vs. Chow Yun-Fat

This clip from 1986's The Seventh Curse is the reason why we are all alive on this planet. A group of Chinese adventurers in a Northern Thai temple get attacked by a demon that looks like a Xenomorph from Alien. Then the Xenomorph fights a flying worm baby. But the best bit is when Chow Yun-Fat shows up.

The great thing about Chow Yun-Fat, wearing a natty suit, showing up and settling the whole business with his rocket launcher? He's barely been in the rest of the movie, up to this point. Like, they only got a few days of filming with Chow Yun-Fat, and they really wanted to make it count. He shows up in a few framing sequences, smoking a ginormous pipe while the adventurers tell him about stuff that happened, etc. And you think he's just a kind of narrative device in the film, someone for them to relate their adventures to —- and then he pops up with a rocket launcher and kills everything. BOOM. Ultimate fake-out!


The Seventh Curse has a LOT of really insane practical effects work mixed with boss wirework, as you can see in the above clip. Basically, the Thai cultists are evil, and they practice virgin sacrifice, etc., and when this one Chinese guy rescues the naked lady who is supposed to be sacrificed, he's cursed — and then a year later, he finds out that if he has sex with anyone, the final curse will be triggered and he'll melt or something. Too bad he finds this out when he's already in the middle of having sex. It's that kind of movie. Definitely worth hunting down a DVD! [Thanks, Gregor and Lorena!]

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